Managing the Bakkt® Visa® Debit Card

To access your Bakkt virtual card management settings take the steps listed below: 

1. Click on the Bakkt Card icon at the bottom of your screen. 


2. Select Manage. 


You will then see the following options:



Show Card details

This option allows you to enable or disable the view of the following information: 

Before you can enable this feature you must use your PIN number or Face/Touch ID to confirm the action.

  • 16-digit card number
  • your CVV number
  • Valid until date 

mceclip3.png                  mceclip5.png

Show spending power 

This option allows you to enable or disable the view of the current spending value on your card based on the available funds within your Bakkt App account.  


mceclip1.png                   mceclip10.png

Manage Devices 

mceclip1.png                     mceclip3.png

View Cardholder information 

By selecting this option, you will be re-directed to the Personal Information portion of the Profile section. 


Cancel Bakkt Virtual Card 

After canceling your virtual card, your pending transactions will still be processed. For more information on canceling your Bakkt card, click here


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