Receiving the "Non-secure device" error message during sign-up or sign-in

Non-secure device error message in the Bakkt® App

If you are receiving the "Non-secure device" error message when attempting to sign up or sign in, please ensure your device meets the following criteria: 

  1. Your mobile device is disconnected from a VPN (virtual private network), TOR (the onion router, torrent) connection, or a corporate wi-fi connection. Corporate Wi-Fi connections may include layers of security protection similar to a VPN that prevent access to the Bakkt App. 
  2. You are not trying to sign in from a jail-broken or rooted device. 
  3. Multiple Bakkt accounts are not being accessed from the same device.
  4. Your device is disconnected from ad-blockers.

If your device meets the above criteria and you are still seeing this error, please contact our support team.

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