Receiving the "Non-secure device" error message during sign-up or sign-in

Non-secure device error message in the Bakkt® App

If you are receiving the "Non-secure device" error message when attempting to sign up or sign in, please ensure your device meets the following criteria: 

  1. Your mobile device is disconnected from a VPN (virtual private network), TOR (the onion router, torrent) connection, or a corporate wi-fi connection. Corporate Wi-Fi connections may include layers of security protection similar to a VPN that prevent access to the Bakkt App. 
  2. You are not trying to sign in from a jail-broken or rooted device. 
  3. Multiple Bakkt accounts are not being accessed from the same device.
  4. Your device is disconnected from ad-blockers.

If your device meets the above criteria and you are still seeing this error, it is suggested to try disabling Wi-Fi and use cellular data to sign in to the app instead. 

If you got this far and that pesky error is still showing up, please contact our support team we are here to help.



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