Converting Points into Cash in the Bakkt ® App 

This article will guide you through how to convert points into cash within the Bakkt App or by redeeming a Bakkt Cash gift card

Redeeming Points for Cash in the Bakkt App

1. Add the rewards account to the Bakkt App. 


2. Select the rewards program under the My Rewards Program section of the Rewards menu and click Convert.  


  • Merchant - the name of the rewards program merchant 
  • Program - the name of the reward program type that is linked to the app 
  • Account - your account type/tier 
  • Balance - currently available points 
  • Expiry - use-by dates for your available points 
  • Monthly Conversion Limit - the maximum number of points that can be converted to cash monthly
  • Monthly Buy Limit - the maximum amount of points that can be purchased monthly

*Monthly conversion and buy value limitations vary depending on the merchant. 

3. Select from one of the predesignated values to choose the number of points or enter the value of the points you would like to convert and click Continue. 

Please note that the predesignated value conversion format indicates tiers that are unavailable due to insufficient points with grayed-out font and available tiers with the emboldened font. 

mceclip1.png                    mceclip2.png

4. After selecting Continue, review the conversion overview and click Convert Now.

Please note that once points are converted, the transaction may not be reversed or revoked. 


5. You are all set! You should see a screen stating Congratulations! Click Close. 


Redeeming a Bakkt Cash gift card

To convert your points into cash within the Bakkt App, using a Bakkt Cash Gift card; you will first need to purchase one from one of our participating rewards partners. 

1. Select Cash or Rewards from the home menu. 


2. Scroll down and select Convert Points to Cash. 


3. Select Redeem Now


4. Enter or paste your 16-digit Bakkt Cash Code below. 

The Bakkt Cash code is the 16-digit unique identifier for your Bakkt Cash gift card. This will be viewable to you after the completion of your purchase.

If you open your Bakkt Cash Gift Card confirmation email and click on the redemption link from the same mobile device that your Bakkt App is located on, you will have the option to automatically add the value of the card to your cash balance within the Bakkt App.  In this case, it will not be necessary to manually enter the Bakkt Cash Code. 


Notable Bakkt Cash Card Details

  • The maximum daily purchase of the Bakkt Cash Card is $500. 
  • Please note that the Bakkt Cash Card is issued directly by Bakkt and it is not a debit or credit card. 
  • The Bakkt Cash Card may only be redeemed within the Bakkt App. 
  • The value of your card will reflect under the Cash portion of your portfolio within the Bakkt App after it is redeemed. 
  • Bakkt® Cash Cards are not reloadable.
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