Adding Gift Cards in the Bakkt®App 

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to add gift cards to your Bakkt App account. 

1. Select Gift Cards from the home screen.

2. Click on Add

3. After selecting Add, you will see the Add a Gift Card screen. Click on Select one under Category

4. Choose the category that your gift card most fittingly falls under. 

5. After choosing a category, you will be brought back to the Add a Gift Card screen. Complete the required fields and click Add a Gift Card.  

The balance amount that you input will reflect in your total portfolio balance. However, it is managed by you. So, be sure to enter the accurate value on the gift card.

You are able to update this information by going to the details sections of the designated gift card. 

6. Review the information you entered and click on Add Gift Card if the information is accurate or click the back arrow in the upper left corner to edit or cancel.

7. You will then see a confirmation screen stating You're all set! with the option to View Card or Close.

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