Does Bakkt Provide Monthly and Annual Transaction Statements?

Monthly and Annual Financial Statements in the Bakkt® App 

We currently provide Bakkt App users with a Crypto Transaction Report. This is a report of all crypto transactions carried out within the app that can be used in a spreadsheet, tax filing program, or provided to a tax preparer. Please also consider the following information:

Bakkt App users will always receive an alert via email and or SMS message when a transaction is initiated in the app. These emails contain important information such as transaction type, value, date, and time that users can keep on record. 

Additionally, within the Bakkt App, users may filter all transactions by date. For instructions detailing how to filter your activity in the Bakkt App, click here

 Currently, Bakkt provides a 1099-K tax form to Bakkt App users when the following conditions are met:

  • The Bakkt App user initiates over 200 transactions.

  • The accumulated value of the 200 transactions is of a value of $20,000 or greater. 


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