What is a Bakkt Cash Gift Card?

Using a Bakkt® Cash Gift Card in the Bakkt App

Bakkt cash gift cards may be used to redeem reward points within the Bakkt App. 

  • The Bakkt cash gift card may be purchased with participating reward program partners and is issued by Bakkt. 
  • It may be purchased with reward points and then converted into cash within the Bakkt App. 
  • Bakkt Cash gift cards are only redeemable in the Bakkt app. 
  • The balance is viewable in the Portfolio portion of the Bakkt App after the card is used to load your Bakkt Wallet.
  • There is no expiration date for the card. 
  • Additional value may not be added after purchase. 
  • The maximum value that can be purchased on one card is $500. The redeeming value of a card is subject to respective transaction limitations

To view how to redeem a Bakkt cash gift card in the Bakkt App, click here

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