Resetting your Password in the Bakkt® App

This article will guide you through the process of resetting your password in the Bakkt App. 

To change your password, please follow these steps: 

1. Sign in to your account and select More in the bottom right corner of your screen.

2. Click on Profile

3. Scroll down to Security options under the Profile menu. 

4. Click on the Change text to the right of Password

5. After selecting Change, you will see the Change Password screen. Enter your Current Password and choose a New Password. Re-enter the new password in the Confirm New Password field 

Please note that you are able to show or hide the text you are inputting into any of the listed fields by selecting Hide or Show. 

The Save button will remain grayed-out and you will not be able to click it until the Change Password fields are correctly completed. Once all the password criteria standards are met, you will see checkmarks next to the bulleted password guidelines and the Save button will be selectable. 

6. After filling out the fields listed on the Change Password screen, click on the highlighted Save button to complete the process. 

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