How Do I Reset My Password in the Bakkt® App? 

This article will guide you through how to reset your password in the Bakkt® App. 

To reset your password from the sign-in screen of the Bakkt App, follow the steps listed below: 

1. After opening the Bakkt App, click on the highlighted Forgot your password? text beneath the option to Sign In. 


2. Enter the email address associated with your Bakkt App account in the email address input field. If you use your mobile number to sign in, click on Use mobile number instead and enter the mobile number associated with your Bakkt App account. 


3. After entering your email address or mobile number, click on Reset Password. 


4. After clicking on Reset Password, you will receive an email from or via an SMS message with a verification code that will go to the email or mobile number associated with your Bakkt App account. 

mceclip5.png          mceclip2.png

The next screen you will see in the Bakkt App will state Enter verification code. Enter the code that was provided to you from Bakkt via email or SMS message. 


If you did not receive your code, please click on Request a new code. 

5. After successfully inputting your verification code the screen to Create New Password will populate. 


Enter and confirm your new password and click on the Save Password & Sign In button. To view password guidelines, click here.

6. After successfully resetting your password, you will see a screen stating Welcome Back! Click on Let's Go to sign back into your Bakkt App account. 


If you already know your password and need help, resetting it from within the Bakkt App, click here

Please reach out to our customer care via chat or email us at for further assistance.

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