What is Regulation E and How Does it Impact Bakkt App Users? 

This article will summarize regulation E standards and briefly explain how it is applicable to consumers of the Bakkt App. 

What Is Regulation E? 

Regulation E is a comprehensive federal regulations mandate of electronic fund transfers that outlines protections and responsibilities for consumers. Regulation E is comprised of a set of guidelines and protocols issued by the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protections in part of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act. To view a full version of the Regulation E documentation, click here

Impact on Bakkt App Users 

Within the Bakkt App, consumers are able to carry out different types of electronic fund transfers. Namely, ACH (Automated Clearing House) and P2P(peer-to-peer). As a Bakkt App consumer, it is essential to know that Bakkt abides by all of the standards described in Regulation E. To view the Bakkt terms of agreement, click here

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