My Bakkt® App Account is Locked

As a standard safety and security precaution, an account will be locked to protect Bakkt® App users. When an account is locked, users are unable to execute transactions, buy or add gift cards, buy or sell bitcoin, or send and receive digital assets. 

Primary Reasons for A Locked Account

Identity Verification 

All Bakkt App users have identifying information such as their name and address verified by means standardized by OFAC and KYC guidelines. To protect the integrity of a Bakkt App user’s identity and to remain in compliance with KYC and OFAC, a Bakkt App account may be locked if inconsistencies are found during any portion of the verification process.


  • If a Bakkt App user initiates several transactions with insufficient funds, their account may be locked, and the transactions may be blocked. 
  • Unusual transactional activity such as frequent linking and un-linking of bank accounts may also lead to an account being locked and transactions may be blocked as well.

What to Do If Your Account is Locked 

If your account is locked, reach out to our customer care team and a review of the locked account will be initiated by the appropriate team(s). 

  • This might take longer if additional steps are necessary to verify your identity and recent activity.
  • Please note that the Bakkt Compliance and Development teams may need to get involved to individually review your locked account case before determining whether or not it should be unlocked. 
  • In the infrequent case that it is determined that your account should remain locked, you will be provided with further information via email regarding how digital assets will be released. 
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