Buying Gift Cards in the Bakkt® App

This article will provide instructions detailing how to buy gift cards in the Bakkt App.  

1. From the Home screen in the Bakkt® App, click on Gift Cards from the Portfolio Overview menu.    

2. After selecting Gift Cards from the home screen, you will be directed to the Gift Cards menu.

On this page, you will be able to view your gift cards Balance, the number of gift cards you have purchased in the Bakkt App in the upper left corner, and a graph so that you can visualize the value of all of your gift cards. 

Click on the Buy icon to begin the purchasing process. 

3. After you click on Buy, you will be able to view the Buy a Gift Card options. From this page, you will see a list of gift cards available for purchase in the Bakkt App.

Search Options 

You will also see additional searching methods you can utilize to find gift cards: 

  • Search - Use the search bar located at the top of the page to search for a specific gift card. 
  • Category - Search for gift cards by clicking on a specific industry category located right below the search bar. 
  • Featured Gift Cards - Scroll through the currently featured gift cards. 
  • Gift Card Merchants - Scroll through the alphabetized list of all current gift cards within the Bakkt App.

Once you have found the gift card you would like, go ahead and click on it. 

4. After you select a gift card, you will see a page listing an overview for the gift card you have chosen with the following information: 

  • How to Use This Gift Card - Every gift card will have individualized instructions explaining how to use the gift card. 
  • Terms and Conditions - Every gift card will have an individualized set of terms and conditions. 
  • Bakkt Discount - If available, a Bakkt designated discount will appear here
  • Value - Select the desired value of the gift card in this field. Please note that the minimum gift card value is $5.00 and the maximum gift card value is $500. 
  • Available - The funding source and the available balance for that source will be listed in this field.        

Click on the Select option highlighted in blue to choose a predesignated value for the gift card. 

5. After choosing the desired value, the option to Continue will appear as a green button at the bottom of the page. Click Continue to proceed.

6. The next page will be the Buy a Gift Card Overview. Take a moment to review all of the listed fields. Click on Buy Now to confirm your purchase.  

Please note, that once the purchase is confirmed it cannot be revoked. Click Cancel to change or cancel the purchase before selecting Buy Now if you happen to change your mind. 

7. Once Buy Now is selected, you will see Congratulations! appear on your screen to confirm the process is complete. 

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