Using Gift Cards in the Bakkt® App 

This article will guide you through how to use your gift cards in the Bakkt App. 

After purchasing a gift card, it will appear under My Gift Cards on the Gift Cards and the Portfolio home screen.

1. Click on the gift card you would like to use. 

2. After clicking on the desired gift card, you will see a page listing all the unique information you will need to redeem the card: 

  • Gift Card Barcode - This information can be scanned when making in-store purchases. 
  • Card Number - To copy the card number, click on the transposed boxes icon next to the card. 
  • Card PIN- Click on the highlighted Show option to reveal the Card PIN. Click on Hide to revert back to the original format. 
  • How to Use - Each gift card comes with its own set of specific use instructions. Click on the highlighted text to view.
    • Some gift card issuers may only require that a PIN is entered in the field requesting the card number or redemption code. If you encounter any error message indicating that your card number is invalid, try entering the PIN number instead of the card number in the field requesting this information. 
  • Terms & Conditions - Each gift card comes with its own set of terms and conditions. Click on the highlighted text to view.

3. Refer to the How to Use instructions for specific use details. Please note that you will want to retain your email for the gift card purchase confirmation as some merchants require this. 



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