Unable to Connect My Bank Account Using Plaid

 I am unable to connect my bank account to the Bakkt® App using Plaid. Why? 

Bakkt provides a seamless and secure way to link your bank account to the Bakkt App through Plaid.

Plaid is a well-known and trusted platform used to connect financial institution accounts to apps. While Plaid currently supports a large number of financial institutions and is constantly adding more support options, not all bank accounts are supported due to integration limitations.

 Listed below are reasons as to why you may encounter an error message or why you may not currently see your bank listed when trying to link to the Bakkt App:

  • The financial institution you are trying to link is not supported by Plaid.
    • You can inquire with the bank and verify if it may be listed in Plaid under a different name.
  • The bank is not compatible with the current way the app is integrated with Plaid.
    • Cases where you are able to connect a particular bank to other apps using Plaid, but you are unable to do the same with the Bakkt® App is due to the way that Plaid is integrated with the app for security purposes.
    • To enhance security, Bakkt is integrated with Plaid in such a way that triggers the use of two-factor authentication from your bank to verify account holders. 2FA will need to be disabled within the online banking account of some users in order to successfully link your bank account to the Bakkt®App through Plaid.
      • This will usually be the case if you are able to find your bank is supported by Plaid but receive an error message during the linking process.
    • The bank that you are trying to link via Plaid may be temporarily experiencing connectivity issues. To verify if the institution that you are trying to link to the app is having connection issues with Plaid, please reach out to customer care via email at help@bakkt.com so we can look further into this for you.


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