Basic Sign Up Requirements

This article lists what is required to get started with the Bakkt® App, and with features such as Bakkt Cash.

Basic Account Requirements


  • Must be between 10 and 32 characters
  • Must contain only lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, spaces, punctuation and symbols
  • Must meet certain safety requirements

 Bakkt ID

  • Must be between 8 and 16 characters
  • Must be unique, meaning that is not currently in use by another Bakkt user
  • Can only use lowercase letters, numbers and underscores

Bakkt App Sign Up Requirements

 All eligible users must be enrolled in our Early Access Program. As part of Bakkt’s Early Access Program, an eligible user will receive specific instructions via email detailing how to download and access the Bakkt App. You will need:

  • An iOS mobile device or an Android device :
    • For iOS devices, iPhone 6 or higher with iOS version 12 or higher
    • For Android, Android version 8 and newer
  • The Bakkt App installed:
    • Available for download on the App Store or Google Play store
  • To be a resident of a supported state:
    • The Bakkt App is not currently available in Hawaii. If the app is currently unavailable in your state, please make sure to sign up here and our team will notify you when the Bakkt App is available in your state.

Using Bakkt® Cash with the Starbucks® App Sign-Up Requirements

To use Bakkt Cash at Starbucks, you will need: 

  • An iOS mobile device
    • For iOS devices, iPhone 6 or higher and iOS version 12 or higher
  • The Starbucks® App installed on your iOS device


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