Viewing and Editing your Profile in the Bakkt® App

This article will guide you through how to view and edit your profile within the Bakkt App.

 Viewing your Bakkt App Profile 

To access your Bakkt profile, click on More from the bottom menu in the Bakkt App and select the arrow to the right of your Bakkt ID and name. 

After clicking on your Bakkt ID, you will see the following information: 

  • Your Bakkt ID 

    • Please note that your Bakkt ID can not be modified. 
  • Account creation date

  • Bank account details 

    • banking details will only be viewable if you have linked an account
  • Personal information:

    • Name - your first and last name

    • Mobile Number - the mobile number associated with your Bakkt App account

    • Email Address - the email address associated with your Bakkt App account

    • Home Address - your residential address

Updating your Bakkt Profile

Within the Bank Account section, you will be able to link and unlink your bank account. For instructions detailing how to link and unlink a bank account, click here.

 All entries under Personal Information can be modified by selecting Edit or can be entered by selecting Add next to the field you are trying to change or add. After selecting either Edit or Add, you will be able to make your desired changes. Click on Update to confirm. 




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