How Do I Add and Remove Reward Programs?

Adding and Removing Rewards Programs in the Bakkt® App

This article provides instructions on how to add and remove rewards programs in the Bakkt® App. 

The Rewards portion of the Bakkt® App provides you with a seamless experience by allowing your rewards programs that are partnered with Bakkt to be viewed and utilized from one central location.

Adding Reward Programs to your Bakkt App

Follow the steps below to add Reward programs to the Bakkt App:

  1. Click on Rewards on your Home screen.


2. Click on an industry category to choose a program from the list that appears or click on the purple addition icon under the My Rewards Programs on the Rewards home screen. 

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3. After choosing a Rewards program, you will then be prompted to link that rewards program by signing into your rewards account.


Please note that this particular step will slightly vary depending on the program you are in the process of adding.

4. Once you add a program successfully, it will automatically appear in the Rewards and Portfolio menu within the Bakkt® App.

Notable Information

  •  The completion time when adding a rewards program to the Bakkt App may vary. The option to Finish in the Background will appear if a reward program takes longer than average to be added to the app. This allows you to add more programs or utilize other features in the Bakkt App in the meantime.
  • You can see status updates for a particular rewards program at the bottom of the screen when you click on the reward.

Removing a Rewards Program

To remove a rewards program from Rewards, click on the program and select the option that says Remove Rewards Program at the bottom of your screen. 


A prompt will appear with an option stating Yes, Remove Program and another option stating Cancel. Select the first option to confirm the cancellation. 


After selecting Yes, Remove Program, you will see a prompt stating Rewards Program Removed. Click Close to confirm.


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