How to Sell Cryptocurrency in the in the Bakkt® App

This article will provide instructions on how to sell crypto in the Bakkt App. 

Follow the steps listed below:

  1. From the Home screen click on Crypto.


2. After clicking Crypto, select Sell. 


3. Select the cryptocurrency you would like to sell. 


4. After selecting a cryptocurrency to Sell, a screen will populate showing you the following information:

  • your available balance

  • the current value of the cryptocurrency you are selling

  • a number pad to enter the amount of crypto you would like to sell


5. After choosing the value for the sale click on Continue

Please note that a message indicating the cryptocurrency purchase minimum and maximum will appear under the crypto sale value.  

6. A screen listing the sale overview will appear with the following information: 

  • Available  balance - current available balance for the sale

  • Destination - where the value of the sale will be stored
  • Sales Price - the value spent on the sale

  • Transaction fee - any fees associated with the sale

  • Total Proceeds - the final value of the sale 


7. After reviewing the Sell Bitcoin information, click Sell Now to confirm the sale.

8. A screen stating Congratulations! and the amount of sold crypto will appear once the process is complete.


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