How to Sell Bitcoin in the in the Bakkt® App

This article will provide instructions on how to sell bitcoin (BTC) in the Bakkt App. 

Follow the steps listed below to sell BTC:

  1. From the Home screen click on Crypto.


2. After clicking Crypto, select Sell. 


3. After selecting Sell, a screen will populate showing you the following information:

  • Your available cash balance in USD

  • The current value of BTC

  • Predesignated purchase amounts to choose from  


4. If you would like to sell an amount different from one of the predesignated values, click on Custom Amount at the bottom of the screen to enter the dollar amount that you would like to buy. 

mceclip3.png.        mceclip4.png

Please note that a message indicating the BTC purchase minimum or maximum will appear if you choose a value outside of the determined minimum and maximum sell parameters. Then, an amount that falls within these requirements will appear for you as a suggestion. You will be given the option to click Adjust Automatically if you would like to ­accept the adjusted value.  

5. Click on Next after choosing your predesignated value or entering your custom amount.

6. A screen listing the Sale Overview will appear with the following information: 

  • Value of purchase chosen 

  • Your current available cash balance prior to purchase.

  • Current value of BTC

  • Transaction fee

  • Purchase date

At the bottom of the Sale Overview screen will be the prompt to Sell Now


7. Click Sell Now to confirm the sale.

8. A screen stating Congratulations! and the amount of sold BTC will appear once the process is complete.


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