How do I Enable or Disable Face and Touch ID?

Using Face and Touch ID in the Bakkt® App

Using the biometric sign-in method is a great way to sign in faster. This option allows you to use either Face or Touch ID instead of your password in the Bakkt App.

Please note that if biometric features are not available or enabled in the general settings on your mobile device, you will not see this feature listed as a security option within the app.

This feature must be turned on in your general phone settings first to be utilized within the Bakkt App.

The following steps guide you through the process of turning this feature on and off. 

1. Select the More option at the bottom of your screen. 


2. Select Settings


3. Click on Security


4. After selecting Security, you will see an option stating Sign in with Face ID (or Touch ID depending on the model of your device). 


5. Toggle the button next to Sign in with Face ID and it will appear green to indicate that it is enabled. To turn the feature off, click the button again. 



6. Once you turn this feature on, you will be prompted to re-enter the 4-digit PIN that you created when setting up your Bakkt® App. If you did not create a 4-digit PIN, you will need to enter your password instead. 

Please note that both Touch or Face ID and the 4-digit PIN security feature may be concurrently enabled.

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