Depositing Cash into your Bakkt® App 

This article will detail how to deposit cash into your Bakkt® App.

To deposit cash to your Bakkt App, please follow the steps listed below: 

1. From the Home menu, click on the Cash tab. 


2. Once you click on Cash, you will want to click on the Deposit icon. 


3. After selecting Deposit, a new screen will appear. From this screen, you can choose the amount you would like to deposit using the number pad and click Continue.

The bank that is currently linked to your Bakkt® App account will also appear on this screen. 


4. Use the number pad to choose the amount you would like to deposit and click Continue. 

Please note that the minimum deposit amount is currently $10. 

5. After clicking Continue, you will see the Deposit Overview page. It will list the following information: 

  • The selected deposit amount
  • Daily Limit - designated daily deposit amount limit
  • Linked Bank Account Name - the bank account linked to your Bakkt App
  • Destination - where the deposit is going within the Bakkt App. In this case, Cash 
  • Name - name of the Bakkt App account owner who initiated the deposit
  • Bakkt ID - Bakkt ID of the Bakkt App account owner who initiated the deposit


7. Once you have reviewed this information, click on the Authorize Deposit prompt at the bottom of the screen. 

 Please note that it can take up to 4 business days before the deposited funds are available.  

8. After clicking Authorize Deposit, a screen stating Congratulations!  will appear to indicate that the process is complete. 

Currently, Bakkt App users may initiate one deposit per 24 hours. 


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