Receiving Cash in the Bakkt® App 

This article will provide instructions detailing how to accept cash sent from your family, friends, and other Bakkt App contacts. 

  • Please note that you can receive cash from anyone in your contact list who is a Bakkt App user. 

  • If you are a Bakkt App user, you may claim the funds immediately by going to Pending Transfers

  • If you do not have a Bakkt App account, you will receive an email inviting you to set up an account before you can claim the sent funds. If you have not claimed the funds within 7 days, the transaction will be canceled.

When receiving cash in the Bakkt App, the following notification will appear on your screen when you open your Bakkt App:  

This notification confirms that you received cash, lists the Bakkt ID of the sender and the value of the amount sent.

After clicking on the highlighted View Transfer prompt, you will see an overview with the following information: 

  • the amount received by the sender
  • the Bakkt ID  and the full name of the sender
  • Asset - lists the asset type
  • Transaction - transaction type
  • Date - date the transfer was sent
  • Time -  time the transfer was sent 
  • Transaction Total - total value received
  • Transaction ID - unique identifier for the transaction 


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