Sending Cash in the Bakkt®App 

This article will provide instructions on how to send cash to your family, friends, and other contacts. 

If you send cash to a user who does not have a Bakkt account, they will receive a notification via email, inviting them to set up an account and claim the funds. If they have not claimed the funds within 7 days the transfer will be canceled. 

To send cash, please follow the steps listed below: 

1. From the Home screen click on Cash from your portfolio menu. 

2. You will then be directed to the Send Cash screen. Use the number pad to enter the amount of cash you want to send and select Continue. 

3. Search and select the contact you would like to send funds to. 

4. After selecting the contact, you will see the Send Cash overview page. 

Then Send Cash overview will list the following information: 

  • Funding Source - This will state the transaction type in use and the current availability of those funds. 
  • Transfer Fee - Bakkt does not add a fee to the price quoted for transferring cash. 
  • Send to - This will state the recipient of the funds you are sending.
  • Note - This is an optional field where you can leave a note to the recipient. 

After reviewing the overview, click on Send Now to confirm. Please keep in mind that, once you click Send Now, the transfer can not be revoked.

6. A screen stating Congratulations! along with the amount sent and the recipient's contact information will appear to confirm the process is complete. 





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