General questions about the use of gift cards in the Bakkt® App

This article will discuss some of the frequently asked questions about gift cards in the Bakkt App. 

I accidentally purchased the wrong gift card. Can the transaction be reversed? 

Once a transaction is confirmed as successful, the action cannot be reversed. Please review all transactions prior to confirming them.

How do I remove gift cards? 

For more details on how to add and remove gift cards, click here

How do I manage my gift cards? 

To view how to manage gift cards, click here.

Do I get a discount for purchasing gift cards in the Bakkt App? 

Occasionally, there are special discounts exclusively available for Bakkt users in the Bakkt App. You will be able to view discounts directly in the app next to the designated gift card(s).

Once a gift card is purchased, can it be reloaded with funds?

Gift card transactions are final once confirmed. Users may purchase additional gift cards that are the same. However, additional funds cannot be added to the same card. 

Can I add existing gift cards to the Bakkt App? 

Yes, any gift card you have may be added to your Bakkt App account. To view how to add gift cards to your Bakkt App account, click here.

How do I check the available balance of my purchased gift cards? 

You can refresh the balance of purchased gift cards within the Bakkt App. For instructions, click here.

How do I check the balance of my manually added gift cards? 

To confirm the current balance of gift cards added to the Bakkt App, please refer to the gift card issuer or merchant.

How do I update the balance of gift cards added to the Bakkt® App?

For instructions on how to manually update the balance of added gift cards, click here. (Will add a link once the article is reviewed and approved).

After purchasing a gift card, when can I use it?

All gift cards purchased through the Bakkt App may be used immediately after you receive a purchase confirmation.

How do I check my gift card balance? 

The balance of gift cards added to your Bakkt App account are managed by you. To view how to refresh the balance of gift cards purchased in the Bakkt App, click here.

Can I purchase gift cards online? 

All gift card purchases are initiated directly in the Bakkt App. To view how to buy a gift card, click here.

Can I send/receive gift cards in the Bakkt App? 

Currently, Bakkt App users are able to send and receive gift cards to other Bakkt App users. 

Can I buy gift cards with reward points? 

Currently, we do not offer the option to convert points to gift cards within the Bakkt App. However, we do offer the option to convert reward points of participating partners into cash in the Bakkt App. This cash can then be used to make a gift card purchase.

I am unable to redeem my gift card. It seems like the number/code I am entering is invalid. What do I do? 

Some gift card issuers may only require that a PIN is entered in the field requesting the card number or redemption code. If you encounter any error message indicating that your card number is invalid, try entering the PIN number instead of the card number in the field requesting this information. 

I accidentally removed a gift card that I was still using in the app. Can it be restored? 

Please reach out to Bakkt customer care via chat or by emailing so that we can see if there are any restore options available. 

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