Link/Unlink a Bank Account to the Bakkt App


Linking your Bank Account to the Bakkt App

After you have created your Bakkt account, you'll then be able to link a payment method within the Bakkt App by following these steps: 

 1. Once your Bakkt® account is created, you will see a screen prompting you to link a bank account.

If you happen to close the Bakkt® App before viewing the Link Bank Account prompt you will see the Account Setup menu the next time you sign in. Scroll through and click on Link Bank Account.  

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2. After selecting Link Bank Account, you'll be directed to the Plaid interface and prompted to sign into your banking institution. 




3. Select Continue to see a list of major banks and the option to search for your particular bank. 



4. Once you have selected your bank, you'll then be prompted to log in with your banking credentials.  



5. A verification code will be sent to you via email after you have successfully signed in to your bank account.  


6. After successfully linking your bank account, it will be listed under the Bank Account portion of the Profile page within the Bakkt App. 




 Unlinking your Bank Account from the Bakkt® App

To add a new payment method to your account, you'll need to remove the current account first. In order to do so, please follow the steps below: 


1. Scroll to the Menu bar at the bottom of the screen and select More



2. Select Profile.



3.  Under Bank Account, select the linked account you would like to remove. 




4.  After selecting the linked bank account you would like to remove; you will be asked to confirm your selection by clicking Remove Account







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