Set up Auto Reload in the Starbucks® App when using Bakkt® as a Payment Method

Auto-Reload in the Starbucks app Using the Bakkt Payment Method

The auto-reload feature in the Starbucks app removes the need to manually deposit funds from Bakkt to your Starbucks Card. Auto reload automatically sends a specified amount that you have set on a designated day to your Starbucks Card. 

To enable this feature, follow the instructions below: 

1. Open the Starbucks app and select the Scan icon at the bottom of the screen.


2. Under Scan & Pay select Preload. 


3. Then, select Add Funds and toggle on Auto reload. The Auto reload option will be listed right under Payment.


Information to note

  1. The auto-reload feature will not work without a sufficient balance in your Bakkt account. 

  2. Your Starbucks card only reloads automatically after the balance falls below the fund threshold that you have set. The minimum deposit amount is $10 and the maximum deposit amount is $100.

  3. Every time your Starbucks card is reloaded you will get a confirmation email from Starbucks.


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