Bakkt App Sign-Up Steps

This article will guide you through the Bakkt® App sign-up process. 

1. Install the Bakkt® app via the Apple App Store or Google Play on your mobile device. 

2. After installing the app on your device, input your phone number on the launch screen and select Let's go!.  

3. A verification code will be sent to your mobile number. Input the verification number received and click Continue. 


4. The next screens will request that you enter your email, email validation, first name, last name, and residential address. Click Continue after completing these fields.


5. You will then be prompted to create your Bakkt ID and click Continue. Note that once your Bakkt ID is created, it cannot be modified. Please make sure that your Bakkt ID meets the Bakkt ID Requirements. 

6. Create a password that is 10-32 characters long and click Continue. Please make sure that your password meets the Password Requirements.

You will be redirected to the home screen where you can finish setting up your account by linking a payment method. For steps detailing how to link a financial institution to the Bakkt App, click here

 Common Sign Up Issues and Questions

To view general questions about the sign-up process click here

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